Environmental Initiatives

Measuring our Carbon Footprint 2008-2015

Carbon Offset Certificate 2015, regional office, Costa Rica

In order to reduce carbon emissions and to offset our footprint within the region, we have been aquiring certificates from the Program of Environmental Services from the National Forest Financing Fund of the Ministry of Environment, Energy and Oceans of Costa Rica and for 2015 with Scolel'te, México.

For certificates of the offices of Mexico, Central America and Dominican Republic, please contact us: contact.mcac@oikocredit.org

Regional Environment and Business Committee

International Office: Sonja Ooms
Regional Office: Teresita Murillo, Eduard Walkers, Lianna Mora and Antonio Rodríguez
Countries: Carlos Natareno (GT), Carlos Hernández and Andrea Shum (CR)

Comments from two members of the Environmental Committee:

Oikocredit's environmental policy allows us to define an institution-wide environmental position for our Project Partners to comply with. This policy, along with the new tool for the evaluation of envionmental impact, means that we can be conscious of both our own environmental impact an that of our Project Partners.

Carlos Natareno, Guatemala

Oikocredit's new environmental policy allows us to align all of our activities with the aim for sustainability, from the projects we finance to operations in our own offices. Sustainable development is a daily challenge that we must face with conscientiousness, effort and innovation. It is vital to attend to if we want present and future generations to have a good quality of life. 

Andrea Shum, Costa Rica

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