Environmental, Social, Governance Scorecard (ESG)

Oikocredit has developed an ESG scorecard for microfinance institutions which evaluates potential partners in relation to our key selection criteria.

The ESG scorecard:

  • helps to select the right partners by identifying strengths and weaknesses of the organization

  • monitors and tracks improvements in social performance managment over time

  • serves as a starting point for dialogue among partners

  • helps to evaluate the needs for capacity building support

During 2012, we evaluated our environmental, social and governance (ESG) scorecard for microfinance partners against audit and rating tools developed by other parties in the microfinance sector. Scores obtained showed a high correlation, indicating that our ESG assessments are well aligned with internationally accepted tools within the sector.We have implemented an ESG scorecard for partners in production and services enhancing further our social due diligence regarding such partners. 

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