Over the years, we’ve developed a range of financial products that can be tailored to meet the needs of each specific partner. We give loans instead of grants as we believe that loans are more effective for achieving economic productivity. Loans create a real business partnership based on mutual respect.

Within the region, we offer the following loan products:

  • Loans in hard currency
  • Loans in local currency
  • Credit lines
  • Subordinated loans
  • Convertible loans
  • Syndicated loans

Loan amounts and conditions are based on both the partner's needs and the risk assessment of the institution. 

Procedure for getting a loan

  1. The project should fill out an application form, and submit it together with financial statements for the past three years
  2. Oikocredit will conduct one or more field visits for appraisal and, if satisfied, will take the proposal forward for approval to the Credit Committee of the International Office in the Netherlands.
  3. Once approved, the legal process will start. When all legal papers are found adequate, the loan amount will be disbursed. 

To find out more, get in touch with the relevant country contact or click to apply now.

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