Our Value Added


As a non-profit oganisation, our mission is to benefit the organisations and countries in which we operate and to encourage sustainable growth of these.

Capacity Building

As well as providing credit to the organizations it supports, Oikocredit also understands that sometimes these organizations require the development of new capacities in order for them to achieve their social, environmental and financial goals, and hence, their sustainability. The Capacity Building Unit at Oikocredit was created precisely to identify and to attend to those needs with non-refundable contributions. Click here for more information.

Competitive Interest Rates

Competitive rates are offered both in dollars and in local currencies. These depend on the project/country risk, the type of guarantee and the state of financial markets.

Mixed Guarantees

We accept mixed guarantees such as contracts with clients, raw materials, finished products, second mortgages, mortgage bonds, pledges etc. We establish the type of guarantee with the client according to the type of loan and the organisation. 

Integrated Solutions for Sustainable Development

Not only do we offer financial support but also built-in support that helps to strengthen the organisations we work with.

Access to an International Network

Once a credit has been awarded, the receiving organisation is automatically incorporated into a partner's network and has direct access to international support organisations.

Country Presence 

We have a country office and a dedicated working team in every country where we operate. This allows us to attend our clients in an efficient and personal manner.

If our value added interests you and you have already familiarised yourself with the characteristics of our loans, you can contact us in our ountry offices or send us a credit application.